Recommended SAS Technical Papers


Turn Your SAS Macros into Microsoft Excel Functions with the SAS Integrated Object Model and ADO by Chris Brooks

A Practical Guide to SAS Extended Attributes by Chris Brooks

Tips and Techniques for User-Defined Packages in SAS DS2 by Chris Brooks

Using SAS Stored Processes with JavaScript and Flash to Build Web Based Applications by Philip Mason

Sur La Table: Creating Microsoft Excel PivotTables in a Jiffy from SAS Data by Ted Conway

Data Step Hash Objects as Programming Tools by Paul Dorfman and Koen Vyverman

The Most Useful Parts of SAS 9 by Phil Mason


Recommended Web Sites


Lex Jansen’s Web Site – An essential resource for accessing SAS Technical papers from around the world

SAS-L – The premier newsgroup for SAS professionals

RTSL - Ratcliffe Technical Services; sign up here for the excellent Note: blog

Regexlib – A regular expression library with a regex tester, this is essential for programmers in any language learning regular expressions.

Colorbrewer - Originally developed for determining optimum colour schemes for maps this is a free online tool useful for designing colour schemes for charts, diagrams and PowerPoint slides.

Sencha - Developers of the Ext JS JavaScript framework